Ross Dowling

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Agata Stoinska and Stace Gill, director and creative director of Dublin’s D-Light Studios

South Studios, Block T, Mabos, The Joinery, Moxie Studios and Monster Truck Gallery are just six spaces that Dublin city’s arts and culture community (...)

Talos aka Eoin French: “I’m a fan of beautifully made things, I love the idea of people spending time crafting things”

Architects deal in straight lines, but it’s the twists and turns which one of their clan has taken on his musical career which are far more interestin(...)

One of the most striking things about We Move is its identity. When James Vincent McMorrow originally came along with Early in the Morning in 2010, t(...)

RSAG: ‘I use Take by Propellerhead. It’s a quick and easy way to get down some ideas on the fly, and it’s free.’

Digital technology has democratised many things, and the recording process for music is certainly one of them. Studios have a seemingly endless array(...)