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The 384sq m (4,133sq ft) four-bed Mentone in Killiney, Co Dublin, is for sale with Sherry FitzGerald for €3.95 million.

A Victorian house opposite Holy Child secondary school in Killiney, Co Dublin, has sloping gardens overlooking Killiney Bay, a huge conservatory, larg(...)

1, Off-street parking If there is room to park a car in front of your home, it’s worth going through the planning hoops to get it as it could add “(...)

Dunross, Barnhill Road, Dalkey: has a super-sized interior of about 335sq m (3,605sq ft) that includes a party room, a home gym and an office.

Hidden from view on Barhill Road in Dalkey, Dunross is a house that looks modest on the outside, but has a super-sized interior of about 335sq m (3,6(...)

Dining area after staging: a warm, clean and inviting atmosphere

So you’ve decided to place your home on the market. What is the best course of action to help change that For Sale sign to Sold? After price and lo(...)