Rory Mason

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Rory Mason claims the bonus was approved by the company and obtained an injunction last month restraining his dismissal, which he claims was unlawful. Photograph: iStock

A financial services company and its chairman have denied claims by the firm’s managing director that he was summarily dismissed from his job last mon(...)

At the High Court on Wednesday Mr Justice Senan Allen granted GillenMarkets chief executive Mr Mason a temporary injunction. Photograph: iStock

The managing director of a wealth management and investment advice firm has claimed before the High Court he was wrongly dismissed summarily from his (...)

Ulster Under-21 Football Championship Derry 2-12 Down 1-11 Derry defeated Down by four points in at Celtic Park. Derry raced to a 1-3 t(...)

Average investment returns for Irish charities’ funds is 5.9%, with some enjoying returns of up to 12% through a higher-risk approach.

An increasing number of not-for-profit groups are taking on bigger risks when investing their funds because the returns from cash deposits have slumpe(...)