Rory Carville

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 Dylan McGrath outside Shelbourne Social restaurant on Shelbourne Road, Dublin 4, which will open on Thursday. Photographs:   Nick Bradshaw

Opening a new restaurant must be a bit like giving birth. Nothing much happens for what seems like an age, then all of a sudden, it’s all hands on dec(...)

The Greenhouse: now the best un-starred restaurant in Ireland. Photograh: David Sleator

The Michelin Guide may have awarded 10 Irish stars for 2014 but it was the star they didn’t award that was the biggest head-scratcher of the list. If (...)

In a world of domestic sous vide machines, various bits of restaurant kit have made it into home kitchens. But hands up, who owns a cleaver? Thought n(...)

Rory Carville is leaving Locks Brasserie to set up Cleaver East with Oliver Dunne. Photograph: Alan Betson

What happens when two stars collide? They join forces and open a new restaurant together, or at least that’s what Michelin-starred chefs Rory C(...)