Not just packages: drones are generating climate data, monitoring borders, helping fire brigades to assess damage and aiding police teams in suspect tracking. Photograph: iStock

US businesses are deploying drones in unprecedented numbers, as uses for the unmanned aircraft move beyond photography into mapping, gathering data an(...)

Drones have an advantage over human rescue teams of being able to avoid difficult terrain and to use thermal imaging technology to spot people in the dark

Drone technology developed in Co Donegal could make it much quicker to locate people reported missing on mountains and in remote countryside, accordi(...)

Romeo Durscher of DJI and Declan Mallen of IFLY Technology, guest speakers at the Drones and Data Conference in Westport. Photograph: Conor McKeown

If Santa Claus opts for drones over reindeer for deliveries this Christmas, he will only be permitted to use Irish airspace if he is on the State’s re(...)