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  Convoking a synod that is led by lay people will make demands on both clergy and laity. Photograph: iStock

The Irish Catholic bishops have announced they will initiate what they call a synodal process and this move seems to have fairly widespread support. (...)

I did study Latin briefly in first year at secondary school (just after the fall of the Roman Empire). Photograph: Getty Images

One of my latest lockdown distractions is dabbling in Latin, again thanks to the online language app Duolingo. And the most exciting thing I’ve learne(...)

Mary E Switzer: her ancestors were Protestant refugees from Germany who fled to Ireland. By her retirement in 1970, she was the highest-ranking female bureaucrat in US government.

Leaving Cert graduates of a certain age will remember The Planter’s Daughter, Austin Clarke’s poem about a woman whose appearance caused the men who h(...)

Workshop of Gerard David, Adoration of the Magi (detail), circa 1514. Oil on wood panel. Princeton University Art Museum

The Christmas story has always been impervious to anything as inconvenient of the facts of what actually happened. For millennia biblical scholars hav(...)

Many social ideas strongly rooted in the heritage of Christianity go beyond mere justice to include care for the poor, the homeless and the migrant.

A recent letter to this newspaper contended that “the logical outcome of all Catholic politicians following Catholic teaching in their political lives(...)

Browne’s Hill House, Co Carlow: Sits on five acres of grounds that include a large enclosed courtyard with  buildings.

For most people in Carlow, the name Browne’s Hill is synonymous with the mighty dolmen that stands just outside the town. The Browne’s Hill Dolmen, wh(...)

A stamp jointly issued in 1995 by Ireland and Belgium to commemorate the Battle of Fontenoy on May 11th, 1745

One of the latest non-events in this year of things not happening has been a commemoration of the 275th anniversary of the Battle of Fontenoy. The da(...)

Long Room, Trinity College Dublin. Ireland has a chequered relationship with copyright history. Throughout the 1700s, Dublin was a haven for book piracy.

The Roscommon-born writer and lawyer Arthur Murphy (1727–1805) is little remembered today, but he was a leading London barrister of his time and a suc(...)

 Liberties resident Colin Martin gives a hearing to  Lana Bruens and Shane Roberts of climate action groups Extinction Rebellion and One Future during a joint canvass  in the area. Photograph: Alan Betson

As a group of two dozen people collected pamphlets before fanning out and knocking on doors throughout the Liberties area of Dublin on Sunday afternoo(...)

Lora Ellard with her husband Luca Di Claudio and 15 month-old half-Irish/half-Italian baby Rían Di Claudio in Rome.
Welcome to my place ... Rome
  • Abroad
  • November 17, 2019, 06:01

Lora Ellard is originally from Borris, Co. Carlow. She moved to Rome in 2002 as an au-pair for what she says should have been a short, three-month pos(...)

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