Roland Jahn

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Torn Stasi documents, earmarked for destruction, after the fall of the Berlin wall in 1989 in the former Stasi HQ. Photograph: Getty

Some 30 years on, the files are still there. Locked away from the daylight in climate-controlled rooms, shelf after shelf of battered orange cardboard(...)

  Roland Jahn, a former civil rights activist and now the third custodian of the Stasi files: “This is about giving people, particularly the younger generation, a chance to interact with the Stasi and SED dictatorship with documents and files from the archive”

A quarter century ago, officers of East Germany’s Stasi secret police worked around the clock to destroy decades of files. When the overworked shredde(...)

An employee of the Stasi archives searching for documents in the files department in Berlin.

For anyone who didn’t experience East Germany first hand, an irresistible place to start is the former headquarters of the Stasi, the feared secret po(...)

The Stasi files, which in total occupy 111km of shelf space. Despite the open-file approach, the Stasi files remain a specialist interest.

Stack up the files left behind by East Germany’s feared secret police – the Stasi – and you could fill the road from Newry to Dublin. A quarter(...)