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“I think I’m running out of skeletons in my closet, I’m happy to say,” says Irish playwright, Eva O’Connor, about drawing on personal experiences for (...)

Rachael English: I get uptight doing Morning Ireland. Book nerves are different: waking at 4am in a froth of anxiety, wondering if it’s too late to change your mind and remove the book from the shops

When I was a teenager, I wrote all the time. I spent hours honing my English essays while cramming the rest of my homework into 20 minutes in front of(...)

‘It was inevitable last weekend the Citizens’ Assembly put it up to the Oireachtas, recommending it finally set a date for a referendum to repeal the Eighth Amendment.’ Photograph: Nick Bradshaw

There was a poster in our house in 1983, used in the campaign that year against the proposed Eighth Amendment to the Constitution. I was 11 and though(...)

Sue Ryhnart: ‘I’m happy inside though, because I’m doing what I really love’

“Gillian Welch wrote a song singing, ‘everything is free and we’re gonna do it anyway, even if it doesn’t pay’ and it’s the sad truth about musicians,(...)

Mary Coughlan: Making plans for a “huge musical extravaganza”. Photograph: The Irish Times

“I could have died and I’m not thinking about that, but I did think about it and I was really down about it,” says Irish singer Mary Coughlan on the l(...)

Giovanna Fletcher, her husband Tom and their two sons Buzz and Buddy.

 “She literally just pointed at me and said: Oh look, mummy’s still got her tummy! Then she laughed at me,” recalls author Giovanna Fletcher, abo(...)

Dexy’s have long since dropped the ‘Midnight Runners’ and have moved on with new material

“I’m grateful for it, definitely. I mean, at the same time, I’m very careful not to live in the past,” says Dexy’s front man Kevin Rowland, about his (...)

Environmental activist and advocate on the conservation of water, Alexandra Cousteau has spent her life at sea. Photograph: Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images

“Women’s achievements in science, discovery and exploration have been overshadowed by men’s,” says environmental activist Alexandra Cousteau, the gran(...)

Grace Dyas is a theatremaker who has been involved in various Dublin Fringe productions, photographed during the rehersals for The Game, a play about prostitution. Photograph: Alan Betson / The Irish Times

“By volunteering for The Game you’re saying, I’m going to do something courageous because I think these women’s stories deserve to be heard and deserv(...)

“The thing about being unfaithful or having a one night stand, it doesn’t mean you don’t love your wife,” says 78-year-old showband legend, Dickie Roc(...)

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