Inis Mor, Aran Islands: It still amazes me how most people who land on Inis Mór end up heading west and out towards Dún Aonghasa, when perhaps the more tranquil side is the east, out past Killeany and Iararine, where you will also find An Trá Mór

There was a late switch to the GAA markings in here last weekend, so I found myself driving out of Tuam on Sunday evening as the brightly inflamed sky(...)

Agnes Keleti celebrates her 100th birthday. Photograph: Tamas Kovacs/EPA

If a Hollywood scriptwriter had come up with the extraordinary story of Agnes Keleti – the world’s oldest Olympic champion, who celebrated her 100th b(...)

Billy Morton with his Santry shovel in 1958.

“Gentlemen,” the small man began, “grass is on the way out”. Knowledge of sport is no excuse for a lack of imagination, or vice versa, and Billy Mort(...)

Roger Bannister about to cross the line  and run the first sub-four minute  at Iffley Road in  Oxford in May 1954. Photograph: Norman Potter/Central Press/Getty Images

It’s over 30 years now since I ran my first competitive mile race. Back in 1989, to be exact, my second year at Villanova, and during my first indoor (...)

Kenya’s Eliud Kipchoge crosses the finish line in Vienna. Photograph: Alex Halada/AFP/Getty

Eliud Kipchoge has become the first runner to finish a marathon in under two hours. The 34-year-old Kenyan completed the course in Vienna, Austria, i(...)

Eileen Battersby with her horse Sophie in 2010. Photograph: Alan Betson

Eileen Battersby, the late Irish Times literary correspondent, who died on Sunday, December 23rd, after a car crash in Co Meath, was renowned for both(...)

Roger Bannister crossing the tape at the end of his record-breaking mile run at Iffley Road, Oxford. Photograph:  Keystone/Getty Images

There is a gentle irony in that forever lasting impression of Roger Bannister. The charming modesty beyond words, the gentleman and gentle man, yet qu(...)

Roger Bannister representing Oxford University in 1948. Photograph: PA

Roger Bannister, the first man to run a sub-four minute mile, has died aged 88, his family have said. Bannister, aided by Christopher Chataway and Ch(...)

It’s 65 years since Mayo last lifted Sam Maguire, 62 since the Bulldogs last picked up the AFL Premiership Cup. Photograph: James Crombie/Inpho

It doesn’t matter how many times I travel the 10,000 miles between Ireland and Australia. There is simply no getting used to that upside-down feeling (...)

David Attenborough has seen far more than perhaps anyone else alive, and is still eager to see more. Therein lies his genius. Photograph: Sarah Dunn/ BBC

David Attenborough turns 90 tomorrow, fittingly perhaps on the anniversary of Victory in Europe Day. He no doubt will smile with characteristic bemuse(...)

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