Robert Solow

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“Today’s energy revolution is green but will also lead to much cheaper electricity prices. In turn, that should boost productivity growth.”

All things considered, it would be easy to think that the future is bleak. Our tendency to use the recent past and present circumstances as the main b(...)

“Progress in robotic engineering and artificial intelligence is moving up the value chain and is, we think, a threat to just about any job”

Last Friday’s US employment report was truly remarkable. Unfortunately the subsequent headlines were as much about a Donald Trump tweet that some took(...)

New political movements, such as French president Emmanuel Macron’s En Marche, are disparaged for their intellectual vacuity – until they win. Photograph: Charles Platiau via AP

If the worst thing that can happen to a new project is to be ignored, a party of the British centre ground has a chance, after all. The latest people(...)

Politically and financially it might be a good time for central banks to allow economies to grow, even if that means flirting with inflation. Photograph: Lisi Niesner/Reuters

Sooner of later, interest rates will rise. I haven’t been able to find a forecaster who thinks that will happen in Europe in 2018 but it is certain as(...)

According to Thomas Piketty, if the rate of profit (r) is greater than growth (g), the income of the most advantaged will accelerate faster than average income from work. Photograph: Jason Reed/Reuters

Very few equations, especially from the so-called dismal science, have appeared on T-shirts. There was a rare instance, not long ago, when the formula(...)

The  1987 Economics Nobel Prize winner Robert Solow:   “The cheerful blandness of Mankiw’s ‘Defending the One Percent’ may divert attention from its occasional unstated premises, dubious assumptions, and omitted facts.”  Photograph: Getty Images

Economists are notorious for their arguments but often protest that their discipline contains much that is settled – the trouble is, they correctly po(...)

With one rub of his lamp, Aladdin could command an intelligent being able to fulfil all desires. His genie was a spirit. But the dream of powerful and(...)