What was it about Samuel Beckett? In addition to writing fiction and plays that continue to absorb audiences and tease the imagination, the Nobel Laur(...)

Kari Cahill and Hazel McCague are behind Tombolo, a month-long residency for eight artists on Brow Head. Photograph: Ashley Beer

When Mark Twain famously wrote of “a good walk spoiled”, he was referring to golf. But what about art in the landscape? Our roadside attractions are, (...)

Unsaleable art: Robert Smithson’s ‘Spiral Jetty’, an artwork built in Salt Lake, Utah, in 1970. Photograph: Scott Stringham/Getty Images

The myth of the starving artist takes a battering every time we read of another record at auction, but the art world is divided into two distin(...)

Look closely at the hoarding, just at the St Patrick’s end of The Coombe in Dublin, and you’ll see a piece of drainpipe hanging down. Look agai(...)