Robert Ryan

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University College Cork, where Dr Robert Ryan used to be  based. Dr Ryan is under investigation amid claims he falsified research. Photograph: Matt Kavanagh

A Scottish-based scientist who was awarded grants worth almost €500,000 from Science Foundation Ireland (SFI) is under investigation amid allegations (...)

The ESRI study found that as “market power” increased, in other words as banking competition fell, SMEs faced higher financing constraints. Photograph: Frank Miller

The lack of competition in Ireland’s post-crash banking sector may be a key reason why firms are finding it so difficult to access credit. (...)

Willie O’Donnell, service attendant at Dublin Castle, wheels out the transcripts from the final day of the Mahon Tribunal at the castle in October 2008.  Photograph: Eric Luke

Given Ireland’s notoriously weak laws on white-collar crime, it was probably inevitable that the Director of Public Prosecutions would withdraw corrup(...)