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Some sugar is staring you in the face –  others  can be more tricky to detect

There’s no escaping it. Sugar is the bad boy of the food world, with all that implies. It’s naughty, exciting and irresistible – so much so that respe(...)

Heavy statistic: some 23 per cent of Irish adults are classified as obese. Photograph: Peter Dazeley/Getty

Imagine sneaking a cigarette into your child’s lunchbox as a “Friday treat”. Picture yourself celebrating a birthday party by laying on a nicotine fea(...)

A new study has shown that reducing sugar in diets has the power to dramatically improve health. File photograph: Anthony Devlin/PA Wire

Reducing sugar in diets even without cutting calories or losing weight has the power to dramatically improve health, experts have said. A new study in(...)

Dietary guidelines from industry professionals and university nutritionists emphasise the fact that people should eat ‘real food’. Photograph: Getty Images

On St Patrick’s Day 2014, two bombs exploded in the world of nutrition. The first explosion, which shattered orthodox teaching and left t(...)

Sugar is an emotional food – perhaps the most emotional food of all. It is routinely used as a comforter, a pacifier, a stimulant, a leisure accessory. Photograph: Getty Images

So now sugar is the new Satan and we, the worried well, have to run off to another part of the great ship Hypochondria. Suddenly fat is no longer the (...)

We are in serious danger of missing the bigger picture when it comes to the fat versus sugar debate. “Fat makes you fat” is a half-truth. Yes, too muc(...)

Spaghetti Bolognese is a meal lacking in fibre, but high in saturated fat and refined carbohydrate. Photograph: Getty Images

Safe Food Ireland (SFI) launched its campaign against childhood obesity, with billboards urging parents to reduce portion size. But blaming parents dr(...)

Warren Buffet once said that, if he was given $1 billion and asked to beat Coca-Cola, he would hand back the money, because it simply couldn’t (...)