The good news is that we’re not heading towards a jobless society of couch potatoes hooked on daytime TV.

Amazon boss Jeff Bezos doesn’t think the robots are going to take all our jobs or stalk the human race with malign intent. “The idea that there is g(...)

“In the medium term we’re looking at redeployment with a lot of change to come for the professions in the next 15 years.” Photograph: iStock

In 2017, Sebastian Thrun, an adjunct professor at the Stanford Artificial Intelligence Laboratory in California, unveiled a deep learning algorithm th(...)

“The Criminal Courts of Justice has video screens on many surfaces but the desks are still stacked high with brown folders containing case files which are lugged into court on hand trolleys.” File photograph: Matt Kavanagh/The Irish Times

“Where’s the wi-fi?” It’s a common question from first time visitors to the Criminal Courts of Justice - the €140 million centrepiece of Ireland’s c(...)

Some 44 per cent of companies that reduced their number of employees since the global financial crash in 2008 did so by means of automation. Photograph: Getty Images

Beware of the robots – they are on the rise and could be after your job. It might sounds like something from an outlandish sci-fi movie, but the figur(...)

“People can think it’s scary and that robots are going to be taking over their jobs, but it needn’t be like that,” says KPMG head of innovation Niall Campbell

The first signs of revolution can come from the most unlikely and the most seemingly modest sources. After all, a relatively minor colonial dispute ab(...)

Machines will increasingly make many professional roles obsolete

Richard Susskind is fond of a particular anecdote. In one of his earlier books, sometime around 1995, he made the prediction that lawyers would, in th(...)

Its costs are high and opaque. While other sectors have undergone huge changes, its essential structure looks much like it did a century ago. It’s one(...)