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The company is due to seek regulatory approval to begin using its drones soon having been testing the technology for some time. File photograph: Getty Images

An Irish company preparing to roll out drone deliveries of fast food has said the wildlife lobby should not be underestimated as a potential impedimen(...)

Lucia Joyce

Events in Dublin today will indirectly celebrate the first date between James Joyce and the woman who became his wife, Nora Barnacle. But across the I(...)

CurrencyFair chief executive Paul Byrne: “The next year will also likely show small losses as the business is transitioning but we’re pretty much profitable now”

Losses more than doubled at Irish-based fintech firm CurrencyFair last year despite a sharp rise in turnover, as increased investments in the company’(...)

 Paul Byrne was appointed as CurrencyFair’s head late last year as the company beefed up its management team.

Irish-based fintech firm CurrencyFair, which recently raised €8 million to fund expansion, has revamped its peer-to-peer currency platform to enable s(...)

“We were global from day one”: CurrencyFair chief executive Brett Meyers

Irish fintech company CurrencyFair is expanding its offering to businesses in the UK and has taken on a heavyweight chairman to help it push into over(...)

David Thornley, political analyst and later practising politician, with Charlie McCreevy. Photograph: Jimmy McCormack

Public policy-making in developed democracies is linked more and more to research findings about the impact and cost of particular policies, even thou(...)