Bex Partridge, from the new book Everlastings. Photograph: Laura Edwards

 Rather like the stuffed animal exhibits in Dublin’s Natural History Museum, I used to find the idea of dried flowers vaguely gloom-inducing. Tho(...)

Jennifer Jewell: “I see hope and value in a self-sustaining cycle of living with plants, loving plants, learning plants, growing plants, knowing plants, interpreting plants.”  Photograph:  John Whittlesey

  We all have our heroes and it’s not surprising so many of mine belong in one way or another to the world of plants. They include gardeners, de(...)

A wildlife-friendly pond. Photograph: Richard Johnston

Searching for simple, practical ways to garden sustainably? Follow these ten steps to a greener garden 1 Harvest rainwater Yes, we’ve endured an unu(...)

Freshly harvested produce in the walled kitchen garden of Burtown House in Co Carlow. Photograph: Richard Johnston

So it’s farewell to “the tenties”- or whatever you want to call the last decade – and hello to the “twenty-twenties”. But before we bid this dying dec(...)

Northern Ireland: new research links   mental health issues  to  the Troubles, which included Bloody Sunday and its aftermath. Photograph: William L Rukeyser/Getty

Almost twice as many people living in the most deprived areas of Northern Ireland are showing signs of mental health issues compared to their counter(...)

Northern Ireland scores poorly on productivity, employment and labour supply when compared with a range of European and OECD countries, according to (...)

It is claimed that the Russian revolutionary Vladimir Lenin not only spoke English with an Irish accent but specifically a Rathmines accent, due to th(...)

Arlene Foster, Enterprise, Trade and Investment Minister, described the centre as “a joined up solution to delivering independent policy research”.

Stormont’s Minister for Enterprise Arlene Foster has welcomed the establishment of the Northern Ireland Centre for Economic Policy (Nicep), which was (...)