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Facebook said plans for its Ballsbridge campus in Dublin had not changed. Photograph: iStock

Facebook’s decision to allow employees at its Irish office to work from abroad will have major repercussions for Ireland Inc as many other companies f(...)

Constant stream of calls, emails and text messages leaves many workers feeling they are never off duty, particularly now with so many working from home. File photograph: Joe Giddens/ PA Wire/Paul Scott/The Irish Times

The Government has introduced a new code of practice to bolster the right of employees to switch off from work outside normal working hours. Tánaiste(...)

If employers don’t know what people’s problems are, then they can’t try to fix them. Photograph: iStock

With more than 450,000 people now receiving the pandemic unemployment payment, there is a reluctance among those who still have jobs to rock the boat.(...)

‘We have suddenly moved from the 19th-century model to a 21st-century one, and we are skipping a whole 100 years.’ Photograph: Getty

If there was any novelty to the kitchen offices, dining table desks and bedroom workstations that sprang up or were screwed together in haste as the c(...)

The Government’s plan would see employers declaring they were “unable” to pay full salaries at this time. Photograph: iStock

An employers’ group threatened to advise its members to ignore the State’s scheme to cover 70 per cent of laid-off workers’ wages, unless problems wit(...)

President of the High Court, Mr Justice Peter Kelly:  made a case to the Government that the High Court requires an additional six judges. Photograph: Aidan Crawley

The cancellation of several High Court hearing lists outside Dublin due to a shortage of judges could delay hundreds of cases and is causing serious c(...)

It is thought that most staff who have been given packages have seen them limited to statutory redundancy. Photograph: iStock

Staff at The Times Ireland edition will not be entitled to redundancy pay unless they have worked for the company for more than two years. Three sou(...)

If your work is under the control of someone else, if you receive a fixed hourly, weekly or monthly wage, if you cannot subcontract your work, if you work set hours; and if you work for one person or one business, then you should be considered to be an employee.

There’s a worker who cleans offices Monday to Friday. But even though he works regular hours, all his gigs are set up for him and he’s paid the minimu(...)

 ESB crew workers at Glenamuck Road, south Dublin, restoring services following Ophelia storm damage earlier this week.Photograph:Cyril Byrne

The Department of Social Protection has asked employers to “take a long-term view” when deciding whether to pay employees who missed work on Monday du(...)

A woman walks her dogs beside the stormy sea in  Donaghadee  east of Belfast. Photograph: Paul Faith/Getty

Most supermarket chains and large stores have closed or are planning to close today due to storm Ophelia while many other employers have advised staff(...)

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