It is hard to imagine how low cost flying would have grown so fast without Ryanair.

For the weekend that is in it, we thought we’d look at just some of the ways Irish people have shaped the consumer world in which we live. From tastie(...)

Eileen Gray: a Modernist master

It’s that time of year again when shamrockery, Guinness and “Kiss me I’m Irish” hats come to the fore in presenting a particular image of “Irishness” (...)

Prof Antoin Murphy, associate professor in economics at Trinity College Dublin and expert on the life and work of Richard Cantillon, reads the author's Essai Sur la Nature du Commerce en Général. Photograph: Domnick Walsh
Who was Richard Cantillon?

Little is known about Richard Cantillon’s early life beyond the fact that he was born near Ballyheigue, Co Kerry some time after 1680, and as a young(...)

A first edition copy of Kerryman Richard Cantillon’s 18th-century book on economics has sold for a record price of £40,000 (about €57,000) at Christie(...)

Niall Harbison and Emma O’Hara, co-founders of PR Slides: “We need way more [tax] breaks for people trying to start their own business or employing people,” says Harbison

Ireland is often described as a hotbed for entrepreneurship and a place of entrepreneurial overachievement with various reports describing us as one o(...)