Rhonda Byrne

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Bus Éireann driver Rhonda Byrne: ‘I love my job.’

Bus Éireann is actively seeking to recruit female bus drivers with a number of open days happening around the country this weekend. The company curr(...)

‘The market is positively overflowing with books on how to manage anxiety, but Morgan’s sits a cut away from the rest.’

Time once was that the self-help book was the dysfunctional cousin on publishing’s family tree. The first was said to be published in 1859 (Semuel Smi(...)

Intelesens has attracted international venture capital in recent years.

Intelesens, a Belfast-based developer of wearable health technology, has been acquired by US tech firm UltraLinq for an undisclosed sum. Established (...)

A man holds a sign referring to Colorado legalising marijuana in state capital   Denver.  Photograph: Rick Wilking/Reuters

Songs from Toni Fox’s preferred Rhonda Byrne CD flowed from her silver Saturn Vue as she sped past breathtaking mountain views during her twice-weekly(...)