Reggie Perrin

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Drew Harris at Government Buildings on Tuesday. PSNI chief constable George Hamilton told MPs that Mr Harris’s appointment will strengthen relationships and strategic co-operation between North and South. Photograph: Cyril Byrne

Senior gardaí have broadly welcomed the selection of Drew Harris as the next Garda Commissioner with members of the force hoping that he will press fo(...)

Katie from Paradise Hunters. Photograph: Channel 4

Channel 4’s Paradise Hunters is a one-off reality show where bored office drones are thrust into challenging, life-altering jobs in impressive locatio(...)

Leonard Rossiter who played the title character in the TV adaptations of David Nobbs’s Reginald Perrin noveks. Photograoh: Hulton Archive/Getty Images

Comedy writer David Nobbs, best known for creating the television character Reginald Perrin, has died. The 80-year-old from North Yorkshire also cont(...)

The pinniped barked, rolled on to its back and flapped its flippers across its belly, like it was having a laugh

The inquest into Wexford’s early exit from the hurling championship was in full spate when Vinny Fitzpatrick, Sunday papers under his oxter, slipped q(...)

Dominic Utton: ‘People were disappointed if I wasn’t delayed.’ Photograph: Dave Meehan

‘I’m not an angry man,” Dominic Utton tells me as we wait for a bus in the rain. In 2011, however, he was enraged by First Great Western railwa(...)