Ray Tomlinson

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The scourge of spam: we need to rethink the practice to sending spam and ask a once unthinkable question: should we start charging for email?

This morning when I arrived at work, I did what I do every morning and started scrolling through my emails. Then I did something I bet you did too: t(...)

Fortunately, in newspaper columns you can still say what you think. In email it is no longer possible. Photograph: Getty Images

When Ray Tomlinson, the man credited with the invention of email, died 10 days ago, all sorts of people saw it as an excuse to complain about how his (...)

Email’s roots in the open web culture of the early internet mean it remains the only truly open system. Illustration Lisa-Blue/e+/Getty

My phone pings with a text message. I check it immediately, as you do with text messages. “Any interest in writing a piece on the legacy of Ray Tomlin(...)