A reconstruction of a Neanderthal   displayed at the Prehistoric Museum in Halle, eastern Germany. Photograph: Sebastian Willnow/AFP/Getty Images

There’s always been a suspicion that our ancestors pushed Neanderthals to extinction. The scenario is that modern humans migrated out of Africa and sl(...)

Facebook is playing an increasingly significant role in the distribution of online news, with 44 per cent of people using it as their source of news

Social media has emerged as a leading distributor of news among online users who increasingly access it on their smartphones, a thinktank said on Wedn(...)

When asked what the used as their main source of news 41 per cent said they accessed news online (including from websites, social media, apps and blogs) while 37 per cent cited television (both TV bulletins and 24-hour news channels) as their main news source.

Irish news users are half as likely to pay for online journalism as their counterparts in Finland and Denmark an international study on news consumpti(...)