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Toy Story: the four films must be among the greatest cinematic achievements of contemporary Hollywood

Sometimes very different bits of the culture come at you simultaneously. This week, for example, I watched Pixar’s latest Toy Story and the opening ep(...)

Marc Rebillet: “The entire show is improvised front-to-back, 100 per cent made up.”

Marc Rebillet says you don’t have to like him if you don’t want to. “It’s not for everyone,” he says, “and I’m fully down with that. You don’t have to(...)

Randy Newman has been forced to cancel his European tour, which included two Irish dates. File photograph: Walter McBride/Getty Images

Veteran singer-songwriter Randy Newman has been forced to cancel his European tour, which included two Irish dates, due to a knee condition. The 74-y(...)

Given Randy Newman’s penchant for puncturing American mores with deftly drawn ambivalence, you might expect that his first album of new material in ni(...)

Noah Baumbach’s films now exist on a spectrum from the icy misanthropy of Greenberg to the comparative warmth of Frances Ha. The Squid and the Whale, (...)

First things first: this is probably the best album you will hear this year that was made for £500. London’s Happyness may have blown most of their bu(...)

Bold brush strokes distinguish this latest recording from Dublin singer Niamh Parsons and regular guitar accompanist Graham Dunne. Her earthy vocal(...)

Josh Tillman: “This whole intellectual dream that I’ve been living in, I’m ready to wake up and address this new reality”

For a man who doesn’t take himself too seriously in his music – in fact, many of his lyrics are downright hilarious – Josh Tillman is a deep thinke(...)

Alien Envoy Loads

With one foot in the music world and the other in film, there is always a danger that Nick Kelly will spread himself too thinly. Actually, much of (...)

Lykke Li: ‘The older you get, the more refined you become, and you can step into the light and become a real woman’

Lykke Li has had the blues and that’s okay with her. Without the melancholy and ennui that followed the break-up of a relationship, the Swedish sin(...)

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