Robert Plant and  Jimmy Page: rock nerds have long whispered about similarities between the opening of Stairway to Heaven and an interlude on the debut album from psych-rockers Spirit. Photograph:  Robert Knight Archive/Redferns

We got bad news from the US appeals court this week. Led Zeppelin’s Stairway to Heaven is not to be banned. I’m not certain if the judges actually had(...)

Turlough Carolan as depicted  on the £50 note

The musician Turlough Carolan, who died 280 years ago today, is sometimes said to have been a “rockstar” of his era.   This doesn’t mean he took(...)

Robert Plant  and Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin. The band has failed to recoup  early €722,000 in defence fees. File photograph: Ian West/PA Wire

Led Zeppelin may have won the copyright war over the creation of Stairway To Heaven, but they have lost their battle to recoup nearly $800,000 (about (...)

  The surviving members of British rock band Led Zeppelin John Paul Jones, Robert Plant and Jimmy Page in 2012. File photograph: Andy Rain/EPA

A jury sided with Led Zeppelin on Thursday in a federal copyright infringement trial in Los Angeles where the band stood accused of stealing the openi(...)

File images of lead singer Robert Plant (left) and guitarist Jimmy Page of British rock band Led Zeppelin. Photograph: Reuters

Led Zeppelin’s Robert Plant has told a court a car crash left him no memory of watching an American band he and Jimmy Page are accused of copying when(...)

 John Paul Jones, Robert Plant and Jimmy Page of Led Zepplin. Photograph:  Ian West/PA Wire

The similarity between Stairway to Heaven and a song that members of Led Zeppelin are accused of copying can be found in music dating back 300 years, (...)