Extrovert CEOs may be more likely to hurt their companies than to help them. Photograph: iStock

The stereotypical image of a successful corporate leader is of a charismatic extrovert, a persuasive and sociable fellow (it’s usually a fellow) who c(...)

Robert Shiller: “Ambitious thinking led to big infrastructure projects such as the Hoover Dam, the Golden Gate Bridge and La Guardia Airport, the kinds of projects we could use today.” Photograph: Jessica Hill/AP

A businessman with a lifetime of experience in management has been elected president of the United States. Donald Trump’s administration may be viewe(...)

Christoph Mueller: may deserve his increased pay packet but the argument that his actions saved Aer Lingus and tripled the share price needs more consideration. Photograph: Bryan O’Brien

Pay increases for top chief executives, especially in a time of austerity, are invariably controversial, as Aer Lingus chief executive Christoph Muell(...)

Ever wondered what university business schools do? It seems many academics and business leaders wonder the same. Harvard business school professor (an(...)