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Located in the heart of the community, St Andrew’s Resource Centre on Pearse Street in Dublin city centre  is easily accessible and proactively engages with local people as their needs and aspirations change. Photograph: Brenda Fitzsimons

The search for “joined-up government” is a constant theme in the pursuit of more effective public policies. As the functions of government have develo(...)

Mark Carney: he has run the Bank of England since 2013, and is scheduled to leave at the end of January.  Photograph: Simon Dawson/Bloomberg

European governments are actively discussing nominating Bank of England governor Mark Carney as the next head of the International Monetary Fund, acco(...)

UK chancellor Philip Hammond has fired the starting pistol on the government’s search for a new Bank of England governor to replace the central bank’s current chief, Mark Carney

UK chancellor Philip Hammond has fired the starting pistol on the government’s search for a new Bank of England governor to replace the central bank’s(...)

Reserve Bank of India (RBI) Governor Raghuram Rajan to step down in September and return to academia.  Photograph: Reuters

Raghuram Rajan will exit India’s central bank after unnerving political leaders with calls for free speech and religious expression. The focus now s(...)

Photograph: iStock

Expectations for price swings in the pound climbed for a sixth week to a seven-year high as anxiety about a potential British exit from the European U(...)

 International Monetary Fund managing director Christine Lagarde  with  India’s minister of state Jayant Sinha: “Monetary policy is needed but [it] cannot be the only game in town,” she told the Advancing Asia conference. Photograph:  Stephen Jaffe/IMF/Getty

Unconventional monetary policies of central banks in Europe and Japan received an endorsement from the International Monetary Fund yesterday, even as (...)

Chairwoman of the US Federal Reserve Janet Yellen: “The recovery in the labour market is far from complete.” Photograph: Bloomberg

Janet Yellen has turned a cold shoulder to the pleas of emerging markets by signalling that only a domestic slowdown will influence US monetary(...)

Raghuram Rajan, India’s central bank governor, during  a Bloomberg TV  interview on January 30th, 2014. Mr Rajan warned that “industrial countries have to play a part in restoring”  global policy co-ordination. Photographer: Dhiraj Singh/Bloomberg

India’s central bank governor has hit out at the US and other industrialised countries for running selfish economic policies as their recovery lead(...)

UCD economist Morgan Kelly

Morgan KellyHailed now as the first economist in Ireland to sound an alarm about an impending financial crisis, Morgan Kelly was ridiculed for his art(...)

 Nouriel Roubini

Nouriel RoubiniThe Turkey-born US economist earned the nickname Dr Doom when he speculated as far back as 2005 that inflated house prices could sink t(...)

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