Raj Nair

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Ford: Raj Nair had led the firm’s R&D work in driverless cars and tech innovations. Photograph: Ethan Miller/Getty

A top Ford executive has been forced out after reported misconduct in another blow to the reputation of the Detroit carmaker at a time when its share (...)

The interior of a prototype of the new Audi A8: the new car will offer the latest advances in self-driving technology but it will not be able to be used by drivers until the legislation is changed

If last week was all about an upcoming surge in electric cars, the motoring world moves on this week to the other revolution disrupting its industry: (...)

The new way: when a driver disengages from events on the road it takes some time before their attention can refocus.

The motor industry is in the midst of an existential crisis. Thanks to the endeavours of Henry Ford and later Toyota engineer Taaichi Ohno, car plants(...)

 “We don’t expect to see fully autonomous vehicles for personal use for several years after they are first introduced,” said Ford’s  chief technical officer Raj Nair. So Mondeo Man is safe for now. Phew. Photograph: François Lenoir/Reuters

Is it the end of the road for “Mondeo man”, attributed with the New Labour’s victory in Britain? Ford’s plan to introduce autonomous cars for ride-s(...)

Driving trucks close together is not only safer but also more fuel efficient, according to industry estimates

The modern car is thinking for itself and offering such options as lane-keeping assist, pedestrian protection and systems to prevent rear-end shunts. (...)

Google self-driving car crash was blamed on the fact the car calculated that the bus would stop, while the bus driver thought the car would

The recent scrape between a Google self-driving car and a bus in California caused the sort of media response normally reserved for a multi-fatality m(...)

Ford Ka: first up for the chopping block as the blue oval brand trims its model line-up in Europe

Ford returned to making a profit in Europe in 2015, for the first time since 2011, but the Blue Oval is not sitting on its laurels, and is about to em(...)

Ford CEO Mark Fields at CES 2016 Consumer Electronics Show:  Ford unveiled an alliance with US online giant Amazon aimed at allowing people to connect their cars into “smart home” networks.

Car giant Ford has revealed plans for its drone-to-vehicle technology that could be used to help emergency services. At the company’s CES press conf(...)

The new Ford F-150 pickup

Detroit is, of course, an American car show so perhaps we’d better mention some of the Yankee metal on show there, even if these are cars that will li(...)

Ford’s new Mustang: unveiled today and going on sale across Europe

It’s the world’s most ‘liked’ vehicle on Facebook, and with more than nine million sold since it was first launched in 1964, the Mustang has made thou(...)