Rachel Mooney

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Rachel Mooney: “It’s a lot to ask of employees to be on all the time so it is up to us to ensure we provide a sustainable work environment and a good work-life balance.”

Most modern companies have some form of health and wellness programmes for employees. They usually involve benefits like annual health checks, subsidi(...)

Vodafone wellbeing ambassadors, Mary Connolly, Ann-Marie Reid and Carol Wallace

A desire to drive innovation and competitive edge through organisational culture has resulted in a strong focus on health and wellbeing at Vodafone(...)

Lorna Brady joined Vodafone Ireland through the company’s first graduate programme: “I have found [in Vodafone] that ideas are taken on board and people are encouraged to develop them and make them happen,” she says

Life-sized cardboard cut-outs of comic book superheroes like Wonder Woman and Batman aren’t quite what you’d expect in the headquarters of a leading m(...)

Give staff time to work on ideas: more companies are giving staff time away from the daily grind to work on projects

Albert Einstein had it right when he said: “We cannot solve our problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” The transla(...)