Pure Grit: ‘It’s very scary. They’re really wild horses. And Sharmaine is tiny,’ says film-maker Kim Bartley

Sharmaine Weed from the Wind River Reservation in Wyoming is telling me about the last time she came off a speeding horse. “Thirty minutes before the(...)

Derek Scally in his neighbourhood in the Wilmersdorf area in western Berlin.

Keep a diary, Mae West once advised, and one day it will keep you. Sadly, the red copybook I used as a diary 20 years ago, and rediscovered recently, (...)

Jim Sheridan: his short film ‘11th Hour’ was screened in Dublin last Saturday. Photograph: Ernesto Ruscio/Getty

An eight-minute film shot in two days by the director Jim Sheridan will have its official premiere in Los Angeles next weekend and will be posted onl(...)