Rachel Lynch

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“Oh my God,” Honor goes, barely looking up from her phone at me, “I’ve just noticed how fat you’ve become lately. When you step on the bathroom scales(...)

I get the coffees in. We’re talking one grande macchiato, one tall macchiato, four skinny cappuccinos, two skinny lattes, one skinny vanilla latte, on(...)

Urbanity: creative, independent and good value.

From outside, Urbanity looks like Edward Hopper’s Nighthawks. With laptops. A lone man seems lost in other people’s thoughts rather than his own on th(...)

Rachel Lynch: “If you want change for the better, you have to get out of your comfort zone . . . and that’s not just for me, the patient, that’s for you, the academic, the researcher, the doctor.” Photograph: Marc O’Sullivan

One of the ironies about fibromyalgia, which isn’t the easiest word to get your mouth around, is that its symptoms include difficulty with speech. Fi-(...)