Dr Lynsey Hollywood. “Through our extensive range of business contacts within the food and drinks industry, demand for this type of course has been expressed on numerous occasions.”  Photograph: Nigel McDowell/Ulster University

The link between the dizzyingly complex world of financial derivative trading, McDonald’s chicken McNuggets, the world’s largest hedge fund, and agri-(...)

OAB is a common problem that can affect men, women and children of any age, although sufferers are predominately women. There are many treatments available that will either cure or significantly improve the problem for most people.

Overactive bladder (OAB) – a condition that affects up to 350,000 people in Ireland – is a treatable medical condition in which the bladder is more ac(...)

More than 3,000 representatives from major construction companies, developers and property managers are expected to attend the National Construction Summit on Wednesday. Photograph: Alan Betson

MONDAY Results: McDonalds. Indicators: Euro-zone loan growth (Mar); German retail sales (Mar), inflation (Apr). TUESDAY Results: Trinity Biotec(...)

Outgoing UL president Prof Don Barry. Photograph: Oireachtas.ie screengrab

Two people who raised concerns about expenses claims at University of Limerick remain suspended on full pay, two years after making a complaint of bul(...)