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The microbiome is the genetic mix of microbes in the body that mostly live in the human gut. Photograph: iStock

Irish Travellers have a gut microbiome which differs strikingly from that of the non-Traveller settled community, and it confers considerable health b(...)

The Alimentary Pharmabiotic Centre was established in UCC some 15 years ago to carry out research on the digestive system. Photograph: Clare Keogh

A research centre at University College Cork is contributing revenues of €1. 2 million per week to the Irish economy with every euro invested by the S(...)

“The bread I can eat now is better than it used to be, but it will never be the same as actual bread,” says one coeliac. Photograph: iStock

The phrase “gluten-free” appeared on nine occasions in this newspaper in a five-year period from 1996 until 2000 and the same number of times over a f(...)