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The Government estimates it has €10.5 billion in fiscal space over the next five years but the council suggested the State would eat up €4.2 billion. Photograph: iStockPhoto

The State’s fiscal watchdog says there is growing evidence of a potential slowdown in the Irish economy, and has warned that public sector pay increas(...)

This budget is politically reactive, seeking to reflect the public mood and meet demands of interest groups rather than proactively setting out an economic and political direction for the coming years. Photographs: The Irish Times

The most important thing is that it was done, in the end. This is a Government that has had its future threatened in recent months by a pointless (b(...)

Economist Seamus Coffey says the anomaly in gross domestic product  is likely to impact the upcoming budget arithmetic. Photograph:  David Sleator

The colossal 26 per cent jump in Irish economic growth last year is unlikely to be repeated, according to economist Seamus Coffey, who described it a(...)

The Fiscal Council also noted that the Government’s capital spending plans, which involved an additional €4bn a year to 2021, were extremely modest by historical and international levels. Photograph: Getty Images

The Government needs to find an extra €6 billion just to maintain the existing level of public services over the next five years, the State’s financia(...)

Prof McHale expressed deep reservations about Budget 2016 on Wednesday.

The chairman of the Irish Fiscal Advisory Council Prof John McHale said on Thursday he stands over a warning he issued over the level of overall spend(...)

Prof John McHale, chairman of the Fiscal Advisory Council, who had  questioned the level of spending planned for 2016. Photographer: Dara Mac Dónaill/The Irish Times

The chairman of the Irish Fiscal Advisory Council has pulled back from claims he made on Wednesday morning that Budget 2016 may break European fiscal (...)