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Microsoft Office 365 has arrived on Apple’s App Store

Microsoft Office 365 has arrived on Apple’s App Store making it easier for Mac users to get hold of the productivity suite. Rather than heading to the(...)

Reader has lost confidence in MacBook Pro after two breakdowns. Photograph: Lucas Jackson/Reuters/ File Photo

We got a mail from a reader called Noel who was writing on behalf of his wife who bought a MacBook Pro in November 2016 from Apple. “It broke down wit(...)

Upgraded: Apple’s new MacBook Air

The iPad may have got all the attention recently, but if you are in the market for a new laptop, Apple’s MacBook Air is certainly worth a look. It tak(...)

The late Steve Jobs unveils the iPhone: Apple used to really innovate. Photograph:  Tony Avelar/AFP/Getty Images

In late 2002, I boarded a flight for a press trip to Lyon.  A few weeks earlier, I’d ordered a new Mac, and couldn’t resist the offer of an iPod(...)

The new 13in MacBook Pro with Touch Bar costs €2,099

MacBook Pro From €1,799 First Apple came for the headphone jack; now it has the humble function key in its sights. The new MacBook Pro ditches the f(...)

Shoppers from the South loading their car after a trip to The Quays shopping mall in Newry in 2008. Photograph: Paul McErlane/Bloomberg via Getty Images

On the day after British people voted to leave the EU, the Asos website nearly collapsed under the weight of thousands of euro zone shoppers racing t(...)

I’m not a big believer in children smoking as a general rule, but in Pang’s case, it definitely helps steady the bubble in her mental spirit level.

I arrived home from Kielys in the late afternoon. I just wanted to get under the covers and sleep until it was first day of the Six Nations. I’(...)