Johnny Depp libel trial: Amber Heard (centre) and her ex-husband have accused each other of assault and abuse. Photograph: Facundo Arrizabalaga/EPA

Even by tabloid standards it’s a giddy front-page headline. “Sensational claims of violence, drug binges and bizarre bedroom pranks – as Johnny Depp c(...)

Ainie Grainger and her Mum, Priscilla Grainger. Both domestic violence survivors, they told their story in Tabú: Ag Teacht Slán on TG4

Beneath the horror of domestic abuse – its cycles of intimidation and fear, its emotional traps and psychological manipulation, the explosions of viol(...)

Aisling Byrne, domestic abuse survivor, features in Tabú, Ag Teacht Slán: ““Even with the safety order in place, what she calls the psychological torture continued. “I would wake up and he’d be standing over me.”

“He was a true gentleman. A really lovely guy. He couldn’t do enough for me. And then, the second night of our honeymoon, the abuse started.” Priscil(...)