China’s president Xi Jinping’s twin goals are to see national greatness restored and international respect regained. File Photograph: Erik De Castro/Reuters

China’s rise to economic and political superpower status is the most important fact of international politics. The transformation has brought up to 8(...)

Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan  has said the country is in an economic war and called on the population to sell dollars and buy lira

Turkey remains under heavy fire on the markets in what is fast developing into a stand-off between investors and President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. After(...)

US job creation accelerated in January, as labour markets continued to absorb workers at a robust pace. Photograph: Getty

US job growth exceeded expectations in January and wages climbed at the fastest pace since the recession, strengthening the case for a rate rise in Ma(...)

The “Trump bump” has been real. And despite all the noise and fury of the Trump administration, volatility on the market has been at its lowest  for years. Photograph: Getty Images

The election of Donald Trump as US president was greeted with forecasts of the economic dangers his policies would bring. One year after his inaugurat(...)

As well as signalling the repatriation of a massive overseas cash pile, the iPhone maker has said it will invest $30bn on US expansion. Photograph: Getty

Apple’s decision to pay $38 billion in taxes in the US, relating to the repatriation of its overseas tax pile, underlines the international arm-wrestl(...)

Brexit: Can a solution to the impasse can be found ahead of the European Council summit next week? Photograph: Getty

This week’s Brexit shambles shows that the UK has no coherent position on where it wants to be heading in phase two of negotiations with the EU, accor(...)

South Koreans vote today in presidential elections that are a watershed in the country’s democratic development. The previous president, Park Geun-hye(...)

Since his inauguration on January 20th, US President Donald Trump has dominated the global news agenda like no other person on the planet. His first t(...)

Cut off: Trump has stopped US funding for the UN Population Fund – even though it averted more than 3.7 million abortions last year alone. Photograph: Nicholas Kristof/NYT

When President Trump and his (male) aides sit at a conference table deciding to cut off money to women’s health programmes abroad, they call it a “pro(...)

The fear among many of Egypt’s Coptic Christians is that the two suicide bombings which killed 44 people and injured more than 100 at churches on Palm(...)

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