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Shoppers walk near a Christmas tree in China.  Photograph: Lam Yik Fei/Bloomberg

Christmas is not a traditional holiday in China, but shengdan jie is rapidly developing into part of the commercial calendar and shengdan laoren, or S(...)

Shenzhen has 10 per cent the number of luxury goods shops Hong Kong has, and a third of Beijing’s and Shanghai’s. Photograph: Philippe Lopez/AFP/Getty Images

Shenzhen trails Hong Kong in the consumption of luxury goods, with spending hit by the Chinese government’s crackdown on corruption and by local peopl(...)

India’s newly elected pro-business prime minister Narendra Modi.  Photograph: Vivek Prakash/Bloomberg

Expectations that India’s newly elected pro-business prime minister Narendra Modi will take the necessary action to boost economic growth and create m(...)

In China, attention is turning to the main holiday of the year the lunar new year, which this year in Chinese zodiac terms is the Year of the Horse, a(...)

Signs that Chinese economic growth may not be as moribund as earlier in the year continue to gather, but the picture remains mixed as key elements of (...)