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File photograph of German chancellor Angela Merkel and then  foreign minister Guido Westerwelle during a news conference in Berlin, in 2010. Photograph:  Fabrizio Bensch/Reuters

Former German foreign minister Guido Westerwelle, the country’s first openly gay cabinet member, has died, aged 54, after a long battle with cancer. (...)

Angela Merkel dismissed talk of greater flexibility on euro reform

Chancellor Angela Merkel has expressed her “gratitude” for Ireland’s reform progress but vowed “no change” in her third-term strategy for overcoming t(...)

German Chancellor and Christian Democratic Union leader Angela Merkel looks on during a press conference after a meeting of the CDU governing board on the first day after German federal elections at CDU headquarter  today. Photograph: Getty

German chancellor Angela Merkel has expressed her “gratitude” for Ireland’s reform policy but vowed “no change” in her euro zone crisis strategy.A day(...)

Posters of lead candidiate of the German Free Democrats (FDP) Rainer Bruederle at FDP party headquarters  in Berlin, Germany. Photograph: Sean Gallup/Getty Images

German chancellor Angela Merkel’s ruling Christian Democrats (CDU) have warned supporters against switching allegiance to their ailing junior coalitio(...)

Bavarian state premier and leader of the Christian Social Union Horst Seehofer gestures as he addresses his party members in Munich yesterday. Photograph: Reuters/Michael Dalder

Allies of Chancellor Angela Merkel have admitted that Germany’s federal election is on a “knife-edge” after their Free Democrat (FDP) coalition partne(...)

Former German Chancellor Helmut Kohl has described Greece’s admission to the euro zone and Germany’s own breach of EU budget rules as key factors in the crisis gripping the zone. Photograph: Reuters

Former chancellor Helmut Kohl has described Greece’s admission to the euro zone and Germany’s own breach of EU budget rules as key factors in the cris(...)

 Six weeks before Germany’s federal election, opposition politicians pounced on the report as proof that the Merkel administration is fudging on future bailout costs until after September 22nd. Photograph:  Sean Gallup/Getty Images)

Chancellor Angela Merkel’s efforts to contain the euro crisis during her re-election campaign have come under pressure after reports that Greece will (...)

German chancellor  Angela Merkel speaks at a summit of the CDU and the CSU to present their election policy programme. Photograph: Sean Gallup/Getty Images

While demanding savings and reform around Europe, German chancellor Angela Merkel has launched her campaign for a third term with a manifesto promisin(...)

Germany has expressed concern over plans by telecoms giant Deutsche Telekom to abolish flat rate DSL internet services in favour of contracts w(...)

German chancellor Angela Merkel flanked by Dieter Hundt, head of the Confederation of German Employers' Association (left) and Otto Kentzler, president of the central association of German Trade,  at the International Trade Fair in Munich at the weekend. Photograph: Reuters

German chancellor Angela Merkel’s Free Democrat (FDP) coalition allies, battling the threat of electoral extinction, have pres(...)