Secularism has no anchor for ethics: you cannot develop a meaningful morality out of a meaningless universe.

It is becoming increasingly clear that secularism as a public creed in the western world has failed to answer the deepest needs of human beings and of(...)

Pope Francis speaks with Iraqi president Barham Salih  during a meeting at the presidential palace in Baghdad  on March 5th, 2021. Photograph: Vatican media handout/EPA

The influential sociologist Max Weber (1864-1920) proposed the theory that religion would wither away with the advance of science and education. That (...)

The jewel in Sean Quinn’s property empire is the Kutuzoff Tower, a Moscow office block now worth a fraction of its original €140 million value. Photographer: Dara Mac Donaill

State-controlled Irish Bank Resolution Corporation (IBRC) has set up a Dutch company to manage the Russian real estate assets seized from bankrupt tyc(...)

NUI Maynooth: The Edward M Kennedy Institute is leading a research project on religion and peacebuilding within the framework of the Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe. Photograph: Eric Luke

A consensus on European values and a wholesome confidence in the future of Europe are further away now than 15 years ago. A similar psychological slip(...)

Ireland’s ambassador in London, Dan Mulhall, is to become ambassador to the US. Photograph: Malcolm McNally

Ireland’s ambassador in London, Dan Mulhall, is to become ambassador to the United States as part of a rotation in the senior ranks at the Department (...)

Sean Quinn accumulated assets worth an estimated €500m in Russia and Ukraine Photograph: Dara Mac Dónaill / The Irish Times

The Government and Russia’s A1 have failed for a second time to attract bidders for a Kazan-based logistics centre formerly owned by Sean Quinn but n(...)

Ambassador Philip McDonagh: “These assets belong to a nationalised bank and ultimately they belong to the Irish government and every Irish person”.

Philip McDonagh, Ireland’s Ambassador to Russia, has said recovering assets related to the Quinn family may help trade relations between the tw(...)