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Bunreacht Na hÉireann

Ireland is at a point in its history where fundamental questions are being asked about how it is run, how it is shaped, and how its identity will chan(...)

Ayesha Mailey and Janie Doherty from LUXe (in green) and angel Ashlene McFadden from Fidget Feet at the launch of Dublin’s NYE

‘The whole town is booked out for two weeks.” That’s something you might expect to hear if you’re seeking shelter whilst leading a pregnant virgin thr(...)

Choice voices: Hozier at an acoustic session. Photograph: Rich Gilligan

‘It’s no good making art for yourself. It lives when somebody sees it.” The artist Alice Maher is sitting in front of an open fire in the back room of(...)

Agnes Obel: the kind of performer Other Voices was built for

Ásgeir is the latest sensation to come whistling over the ocean from Iceland. Barely out of his teens, he managed to break records with his debut albu(...)

Hozier performing in Dingle .  Photograph: Rich Gilligan

Other Voices has a habit of unearthing a Northern gem for each festival. Soak made the trip down from Derry in 2012, and this year Rosie Carney made (...)

David Gray performing in Dublin in 2011. His latest incarnation is a vocal-led album and Irish tour in a supergroup of sorts, with his band featuring David Kitt, Lisa O’Neill, Mossy Nolan and more. Photograph: Brenda Fitzsimons/The Irish Times

David Gray, who gives an extremely enlightening and at times poetic talk at Banter in Foxy John’s pub earlier in the evening with Jim Carroll, has pre(...)

Decades before Adele, there was Dusty. Indisputably the greatest white soul singer of all time, the woman who was born Mary Isobel Catherine Bernadett(...)

“There’s a bit of a buzz around Dublin at the moment . . . Perhaps it’s a delirium induced by Abercrombie & Fitch pumping out its cologne on Dame Street.”

Ever get the feeling you’re being haunted? A presence that you can sense but not prove? Maybe it’s the Halloween vibe, as bangers explode with greater(...)

Musician and film-maker Philip King, trad musician Breanndán Ó Beaglaoich and Conor Pope at Ceann Sibéal on the Dingle peninsula, Co Kerry. Photograph: Valerie O’Sullivan

With beguiling simplicity, Seamus Heaney once described the weather on the Dingle peninsula as “loud”. It certainly can be, but it is never loud en(...)

Drop Everything: ‘On an island, first and foremost, respect the local community. This is their home, not yours’

Phillip McMahonThisispopbaby What should you do when your key prop doesn’t look as it should? When there’s no time to replace it, improvise. Often, ad(...)

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