Philip Judge

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We plan to have every blade in the house honed like a samurai sword

Many images evoke Christmas: a delighted child hugging a bulging stocking; a carol singer clutching sheet music in the snow; a middle-aged man with a (...)

We want a dehydrator so that next autumn we can slice and dry surplus apples

Our household Christmas wish list is looking disconcertingly pious. Contrary to the season’s traditional spirit of gluttonous overconsumption, most of(...)

‘Our younger son went through a Jackson Pollack phase and a small but punchy abstract expressionist daub of his is in full, public view.’

For years I’ve watched my personal space slowly shrink in inverse proportion to my sons’ growth and I’ve finally been supplanted from my last little n(...)

 Stoneybatter, Dublin:  “I loved living there in the 1990s. Smoke from peat fires suffused the evening light as it slanted across the roofs of terraced houses.” Photograph: Nick Bradshaw

I love living in the country but sometimes I miss urban life. Despite being far from self-sufficient here on our Wicklow acre, it keeps us busy throug(...)

Philip Judge’s wife was reluctant to just throw the mattress in the dump and so set to work. Photograph: Getty Images

Like everyone else we spend more time in bed than we do in the car. Since moving to Wicklow three cars have come and gone but we have been still sleep(...)

We must turn lawns into meadows to encourage threatened pollinators. Photograph:  Getty

I was planning to do some strimming when my wife said we should plant Comfrey. Eager for distraction I looked it up. A bit like a mauve bluebell, it’s(...)

Some years the cherry tree, depending on its humour, reminds me of  Ella (Fitzgerald) blooming in a triumphant blaze of dazzling white. Photograph: David Redfern/Redferns

I was planning to do some strimming when my wife said we should plant comfrey. Eager for distraction I looked it up. A bit like a mauve bluebell it’s (...)

Something is undeniably up with the weather. California is receiving the equivalent of its total annual rainfall this May alone. Photograph: iStock

A week or two ago I walked through San Francisco in a high wind and heavy rain. It was not what I’d expected. Having packed T-shirts, linen and shorts(...)

A modest food, but a fresh, plainly prepared egg can be soul steadying and deeply fortifying. Photograph: Getty

I need to construct a new henhouse and this time I ought to properly consider its design. I built our first for my wife’s birthday – not overwhelmingl(...)

From the 47th floor (about half the height of our mountain in Wicklow) I had a panoramic vista

I just spent a month in a Chicago apartment and I might be a changed man. My balcony opened onto a forest of skyscrapers: each one a concrete, glass o(...)

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