Brexit secretary Dominic Raab: says France or Spain would never accept a backstop proposal similar to the one the EU wants UK to accept. Photograph: PA Wire

Countries including France and Spain would not accept what the European Union’s backstop proposal demands of Britain, Brexit secretary Dominic Raab ha(...)

Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg warned of potential “Blukip” coalition “bringing together people who don’t believe in climate change; who reject gay rights; who want the death penalty back; and people who want to scrap human rights legislation”. Photograph: Dominic Lipinski/PA Wire

The Democratic Unionist Party could wield power after the British general election in “a backward-looking right-wing” alliance with the Conservative(...)

“We may actually get Labour . . . That may not be a wholly bad thing,” says David Davis MP

The Conservative Party, as a succession of speakers declared in Birmingham this week, is the world’s oldest, and it has survived because of its abilit(...)