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Free speech on college campuses is under threat from advancing political correctness, which increasingly dictates that the right not to be offended is given priority over freedom of speech. File photograph: iStock

Robust debate, challenging ideas, dissenting opinion and free speech. These are the central tenets of campus life - helping young people to broaden t(...)

Against Elections: The Case for Democracy proposes sortition – governing by the drawing of lots – instead of  election. Illustration: Oivind Hovland/Ikon/Getty

What’s happening to our democracies? Donald Trump’s presidential-election victory in the United States, after a bitter campaign characterised by decei(...)

“Artificial Intelligence and Life in 2030” looks at the likely effects of AI technologies on urban life. Image: iStock/Askold Romanov, Mlenny & Tricia Seibold

Each artificial intelligence (AI) technology is developed to solve a particular problem. Once it solves a problem, however, it’s no longer considered (...)

Lotteries: could be used to keep ‘bad reasons’ out of decision-making

Making decisions by lottery is often seen as an affront to justice. Witness, for example, the furore over the Camogie Association’s plan to settle (...)