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British prime minister Boris Johnson talks to paramedics during a visit to London Ambulance Service. Photograph:  Pippa Fowles

Wearing a face covering in shops and supermarkets is to be made mandatory in England in a fresh move to stop the spread of the coronavirus, the UK gov(...)

 People wearing  face masks in the North Evington area of Leicester as a new lockdown due to coronavirus was imposed this week. Photograph: Neil Hall/EPA

Labour has called for urgent government action to ensure that local lockdowns are robust following complaints that officials in London failed to share(...)

Spinney Hill Park in Leicester: A council worker carries rubbish from a coronavirus testing centre. Photograph: Jacob King

Leicester’s mayor has urged people to “stick together” and stay at home after the city was put back into lockdown following a surge in coronavirus cas(...)

On market day in Leicester city centre, beneath the clock tower, the colourful cultural mix is in evidence, from the people to the culinary offerings

It’s market day in Leicester and it is abuzz with shoppers and weekend visitors. Near the clock tower on the site of the old hay and straw market in t(...)

‘I watched the recent Newsnight interview with Yvette Cooper in amazement. How many people was she out to alienate?’ Photograph:  Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

Who is really powerful in the British Labour party? Who wins votes, decides policies, commands budgets, doles out jobs? Who knows how to run something(...)