Peter Norvig

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‘An AI that’s as clever as we are would, presumably, be as good at we are at programming AIs’

“I don’t expect your children to die of old age,” I was told, recently. It took me aback somewhat. Most AI researchers think it’s only a matter of ti(...)

The support hub comes out of Google’s series of recent announcements on plans to make AI more accessible

As part of the expansion of its Developers Launchpad platform, Google has announced a new AI Studio designed to provide technical and product support (...)

This  mock “killer robot”  in central London during the launch of a campaign calling  for the ban of lethal robot weapons attracted plenty of attention. But does such an image do the cause much good? Photograph: Getty Images

Do you take killer robots seriously? If not, maybe you should. That’s the argument put forth this week by over 2,000 technology, science and artificia(...)

Shola O’Dowd, who graduated with a BA in Humanities from DCU’s Oscail

Distance learning is not a new phenomenon. The Open University (OU) was founded in 1971 as a print-based distance teaching institution with fou(...)