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Across 4,850 cars put through the measurement system, all diesel-engined cars exceeded the current NOx limits in real-world conditions.

Since the public first found out about the diesel emissions scandal, car makers across the world have been trying to convince us that diesel engines t(...)

ICCT says the data being used to set up emission lab tests is wrong 

The entire basis upon which our cars are tested and evaluated for emissions and fuel consumption has been called into question in the wake of the VW d(...)

ACEA suggests that a further 30 per cent reduction in fleet emissions could be achieved simply by getting drivers into newer cars

Europe’s car makers are saying that they have done more to reduce emissions than any other single sector. They are also calling for another round of(...)

Matthias Müller: likely to be new CEO of VW. Photograph: REUTERS/Ralph Orlowski/Files

Robert Bosch, one of the founding fathers of German engineering, remarked a century ago that it was better for a company to lose money than trust. Thi(...)