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Gardaí   conduct checks on pedestrians and motorists in Dublin city centre on Wednesday. Photograph: Paul Faith/AFP via Getty Images

The Government hopes that a combination of awareness of the “last resort” coercive powers granted to gardaí for this holiday weekend, the shaming powe(...)

 The  carbon tax rate currently amounts to about 5 cent on a litre of diesel or around €2.40 on a 40kg bag of coal. Even doubling the rate, the ESRI said, would only increase diesel prices by about 7%. Photograph: Lewis Whyld/PA Wire

Ireland has to increase tax on carbon – by a lot and over a sustained period. Our greenhouse gas emissions are way above target and we will soon start(...)

“A large percentage of people say their bills are difficult to check for accuracy, which puts them in a vulnerable position.” Photograph: iStock

Most Irish consumers like to think of themselves as being well able to spot a bargain. But the truth is, most of us are useless at working out whethe(...)

This well researched book makes a powerful case for the use of evidence in the making of policy, but also recognises that there is a complex relations(...)