Gay Byrne among the Aladdin’s Cave of toys that formed the backdrop for what continues to be the Late Late Toy Show.

In the analogue era, receiving RTÉ in most parts of Northern Ireland required an extra aerial. A symbol of reaching out for a signal from somewhere el(...)

Jeffrey Donaldson, DUP MP for Lagan Valley, set up  Causeway in 2011 with  his brother, Kingsley, who looks after the day-to-day running of the company. Photograph: Brian Lawless/PA Wire

A leading human rights charity has alleged that companies owned by Invest Northern Ireland and Democratic Unionist Party MP Jeffrey Donaldson have tr(...)

Arlene Foster told the BBC in February she did not even know how much the mystery donor had given the party.  Photograph: Niall Carson/PA Wire

If Northern Ireland were a normal democracy, the election campaign would be dominated by a single question: how did the Democratic Unionist Party end (...)

Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn in the House of Commons. Photograph: AFP/Getty Images

Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour could emerge from the forthcoming general election in third place behind the Liberal Democrats in terms of vote share, accordin(...)

Billy Hutchinson in December 2012:   “With nationalism, it’s a bit like St Augustine: wrap the green flag around me, but not just yet. It won’t happen in my lifetime.” Photograph: Peter Muhly/AFP/Getty Images

Brexit, demographic shifts and the dramatic outcome of the Northern Assembly elections are all fuelling talk of a united Ireland, a Border p(...)

San Patricio: the 1,200-acre Pampas farm where William and Mary Geoghegan lived 100 years ago

I am staring, wide-eyed, over Gustavo Paez’s shoulder in the public records office in Laboulaye, a small town buried deep in the vast Pampas plains. (...)

Celebrations in Times Square, Manhattan,  early on Wednesday. Photograph: Reuters/Bria Webb

In the early hours of Wednesday morning the shimmering skyscrapers of 6th Avenue, Manhattan, played host to Trump supporters on the streets chanting (...)

British  home secretary Amber Rudd: outlined  policy that would see companies forced to publish lists of non-British staff. Photograph: Matt Cardy/Getty Images

Being Irish in Britain is pretty easy. We look the same, we speak the same language, we share jokes and football teams. We are even, in accordance wit(...)

An  oil platform  in the North Sea: the takings from the North Sea fell from £9.6 billion in 2011-12 to just £60 million last year. Photograph: Andy Buchanan/Reuters

On paper, Aberdeen is one of the UK’s richest cities, with only London having more millionaires per capita. House prices are well above the British av(...)

Republican supporters parade in remembrance of the victims of Bloody Sunday in Glasgow, Scotland. Photograph: Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images

An anti-internment march by Irish republicans due to take place in Glasgow this weekend has been postponed following concerns that the parade could (...)

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