Peter Buck

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Beloved by a compact group of fans and ignored by everyone else, cult artists continue to release music that is pretty much heads and shoulders above (...)

Jackknife Lee has worked with U2, REM, Snow Patrol and The Killers. Photograph: Matt Mahurin

Lockdown has affected people in myriad ways. Some go stir-crazy, some get bored to death, and some develop an unhealthy obsession with the contents of(...)

Haines & Buck? Fripp & Eno for the jilted generation.

For some this is a match made in alt rock heaven, for others it’s a conundrum that won’t be solved without head scratching. Whatever you make of it, i(...)

Brady and Katzman is an experiment that, depending on the group dynamic on the night, will slip or soar

SATURDAY 25th Vinyl & Wine presents: OK Computer The Liquor Rooms, Dublin (Also May 26th, The Liquor Rooms, Dublin) The Vi(...)