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Northern Ireland secretary Mo Mowlam wanted to write an article criticising the wrongs of all parties during the Famine. Photograph: Reuters/Corbis

Northern Ireland Office (NIO) civil servants believed a magazine article by their new secretary Mo Mowlam on the 150th anniversary of the Famine coul(...)

A note from Peter Bell to  Northern Ireland secretary Mo Mowlam in 1997 outlines concerns over the Anglo-Irish Secretariat Christmas party. File photograph: Frank Miller

British and Irish officials organising the annual Anglo-Irish Secretariat Christmas party in December 1997 had to contend with a threat from the Loyal(...)

Taoiseach John Bruton speaks at a Fine Gael dinner in the Burlington Hotel, Dublin, in April 1997. File photograph: David Sleator

The Northern Ireland Office (NIO) voiced its “pleasure” in March 1997 at the tone of recent speeches made by taoiseach John Bruton, this year’s newly (...)

Fergal Caraher (20) was killed when British soldiers opened fire at a checkpoint in Cullyhanna, Co Armagh, on December 30th, 1990.

The impact of the shooting dead by British troops of an IRA volunteer in 1990 on relations between the nationalist community and the security forces i(...)

Ian Paisley jnr: in 1994 he told Larry Robinson that the DUP would be happy to re-enter the talks process at Stormont “provided that the Hume-Adams talks were ended” and the Republic made a firm commitment to a referendum on articles 2 and 3.  Photograph: PA Wire

Revealing insights into the thinking of several Northern Ireland politicians was provided to the British government by a London-based American diploma(...)

Seamus Mallon, former SDLP  deputy leader  and former deputy first minister: said a bill of rights for Northern Ireland could not co-exist with the current emergency legislation. Photograph: Tony Harris/PA

Official criticism of Seamus Mallon of the SDLP emerges in this year’s files released by the Public Record Office in Belfast. The context was a repor(...)

Ken Maginnis of the Ulster Unionist Party: his pessimism struck a Security Policy and Operations Division official in 1989. Photograph: Alan Betson

A Northern Ireland official remarked after visiting a Ulster Defence Regiment base in 1989 that the British government needed to do more to convince (...)

The Sun going down over Belfast City under the Carson Statue at Stormont. Photograph: Alan Betson/ The Irish Times

The new-found relationship between London and Dublin through the workings of the Anglo-Irish Agreement was regarded by the British as “a nuisance”, a(...)

“Mr Haughey was initially strongly critical of the Anglo-Irish Agreement”. Photograph: Matt Kavanagh/The Irish Times

The claim that former Taoiseach Charles Haughey “distrusted” his own Department of Foreign Affairs is highlighted in Northern Ireland Office files ju(...)

Screengrab from Bitnet’s website

Irish financial technology company Bitnet Technologies, which has developed a digital commerce platform to enable merchants to accept bitcoin payments(...)